Karagwe Rural Development and Environmental Conservation Agency


Karagwe Rural Development and Environmental Conservation Agency (KARUDECA) is a local NGO based in Karagwe district, Kagera region,  in the north western part of Tanzania. KARUDECA was registered in 2007 to work in Karagwe district Tanzania. Following its good performance, in 2016, it was re-registered to operate all over Tanzania mainland. KARUDECA was founded by Mr. Steven who is a teacher by profession. He was born and raised in Karagwe district, Tanzania where KARUDECA is based. Steven founded KARUDECA because he wanted to serve his community in a different way. Whilst working as a teacher he could see that many students could not pay their school fees or buy school uniforms. He decided to develop KARUDECA to help people develop a sustainable income.

Success Stories

KARUDECA developed over time successful programs and is continually working to improve life of the people from Karagwe.


Students participated in our financial trainings


Woman have benefited through a micro credit program


Two Water tanks have been constructed so far. 1 at Nyakahanga Secondary School and 1 at Ihanda Primary school.They both serve about 1,000 people with safe and clean drinking water.Many thanks to TDT(UK) and EWB Sweden.



Families with over 60 persons are benefiting through the poultry program. And there is still help needed. You are welcome to join Karudeca with us hand in hand.


men and women had been trained on entrepreneurship and business planning and management

Ongoing Projects

Financial Education

KARUDECA is partnering with SBFIC to implement a financial education project to young Tanzania in schools to learn basic financial and saving principles.

Microcredit Project

KARUDECA has been in partnership with Wabia Network, a UK based organization, in implementing a micro credit scheme project for vulnerable woman.

Poultry Project

KARUDECA in partnership with SBFIC is implementing a  poultry  pilot project with school children. The aim of the project is to build entrepreneurial and saving skills among young children

Water Tanks

In partnership with Tanzania Development Trust (TDT), KARUDECA constructed a water tank to enable both teachers and students get water to drink and use when at school.

CBR Project

With support from Lillian Foundation-Netherlands through KCBRP Tanzania. KARUDECA is implementing the CBR project in Kyerwa district, Kagera region Tanzania. So far the project is supporting 18 children with disabilities and their families in the district.

Disability friendly classrooms

This project is funded by Lillian Fondation Foundation-Netherlands through KCBRP Tanzania. KARUDECA is implementing this project in cooperation with CIBIDIO Kagera and KESUDE Group.